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 Batumi is the unexpected Mediterranean city on the Black Sea. The city, which is the summer residence of Georgia, is unlike the Black Sea we know at all: people have flip-flops, swaying walking, life is unhurried, stress-free...   The city has been changing its skin very quickly since Georgia broke away from the Soviet Bloc in 1991. The steep and verdant mountains surrounding it are gradually veiled by towering skyscrapers. Especially since 2004, there has been a great mobilization of the state to shake off the effects of communism and make Batumi a favorite summer holiday destination as it once was. Huge parks are being built in the city, boulevards are opening, international hotel chains are coming... They have taken many steps to make this place a livable place and the city has become very enjoyable. It is enough to spare 2 days for Batumi. We have prepared a Weekend Batumi Guide that tells you how to make the most of your two days. Don't move anywhere until you read it. Otherw